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help with stains


Help with stain removal and contamination

Before you remove the actual stain, you should first conduct a test on a hidden area. Proceed with caution and care. Get in doubt prefer the advice of a professional. All recommendations listed by the pollution are not suitable for suede (nubuck, suede or suede). Do you want to clean these qualities, look under the heading of suede. If at all possible, all patches should be removed immediately after emergence. Often you will prevent the penetration into the deeper layers of the leather.

Grease stains

Rubber solution (there are in tubes as part of a bicycle repair kit) is slightly larger than apply the stain. Approx. let völligeintrocknen two hours, then rub off with your finger. Multiple repeat treatment, because after the first pass success is not to be seen


Special cleaning agent such as a Nubukreinigungstuch visit our factory outlet. Suction as needed. If fibers are laid, new roughen with foam sponge. Treated with liquid stains with a dry cloth or blotter. Possibly with a mild detergent or mild soap solution, not too humid, extensively wash. Let dry slowly and roughen with brush. Then re-impregnated.

Hand sweat

Grease and sweat stains on handles, pocket floors, etc. can be removed with leather laundry soap in the early stages. The real leather friend but takes out these typical signs of use. They give the piece character that "certain something".

Pen traces

Pen stains form of lines with cotton swabs and window cleaner on Salmiakbasis or methylated spirits and water mixture to remove. With adhesive tape it goes.

Lipstick stains

By gently dabbing of pure surgical spirit lipstick stains at least greatly reduced. A residual free removal is often not possible due to the intense dye which connects quickly with the leather. There is a slight shadow

Tar stains

Remove with muted leather with turpentine. Not with aniline dyed leathers, it otherwise arise grease stains.

Ink stains/h2> In all other cases, the stain by dabbing clear water only "diluted" are.

Water drops

Rain and water spots occur mostly in aniline dyed, especially smooth leathers, since the water-soluble dye is solubilized something. Entire area at a distance of about 20 centimeters above Shaking the water vapor. Another possibility is the case with a damp cloth wipe several times and let it dry. The humidity is like the color distribution again.

Perfume stains

Can reliably remove just before drying. This helps clear water. Subsequently, the entire piece should be evenly moistened to prevent fringing

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