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custom made-Ringbinders

We can produce your ringbinder with different sizes of rings the maximum is 80 mm size. Choose different types of carrying handels or schoulder straps, we also offer special crafted schoulder straps or carrying handels especialy for your needs. 

Choose your own color, style, imprinting, leather, ,,,,, Beginning at the amount of 20 peaces we customize your binder especialy for your needs. Contact us for special desire.

Spezial organizing panels for calculaters, mobile phones PDA or pencil loops, card pockets can be added especialy after your needs. 


Mappe mit integriertem Flipchart

Präsentationbinder with Flipchart for the perfect presentation infront of your clients.



Mappe mit integriertem Flipchart

Ringbinder in premium white leahter special red zipper and special corporate imprinting.

Blaue Leder-Mappe

stylisch ringbinder with blue leather especailly made for one of our clients 

Gästemappen für Hotels

Premium menue producedout of high quality leather for a well known german hotel chain.


Handcraft, selected materials and experienced.


Your specialist for individual business cases and trading goods.


We manufacture and ship even modicum for attractive prices.


Success tells its story. Manufactoring leather goods since ca. 120 years.