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company history

company history

Today's run in the fourth-generation company was founded in 1892. In its 100-year tradition of leather craftsmanship has always been the production of leather goods, the central focus. After the war years in the times of reconstruction were also upholstered furniture and mattresses for the trading program. From 1960, we specialized in the manufacture of briefcases and folders College. Gerhard Wolf in 1968 was one of the first to manufacture the so-called "temple map" industrially He received several awards. Renowned companies in the leather goods specialist retailers such as gold arrow ASSIMA belonged to our customers. To date, the production of records is - presentation folders and a central part of the Leder-Wolf-products "Made in USA". In solidarity with the tradition of craftsmanship passed down from one generation to the next generation. Look back with pride on a variety of trainees who work here the the "fine saddler" learned. Ulrich Wolf, who is now co-owner of the company in 1980, even Germany's national winners in his training as a fine saddler. As a constant challenge we see the production of organic products. Waste reduction, recycling and exemplary economic use of natural resources are the Corporate Philosophy and our core values.

Thus offers the company Leder-Wolf of the first German company to a leather goods series, the leather is tanned with rhubarb roots! This is a rapidly renewable resource conventional tanning is also fully compostable. Not only environmental issues dominate the activities of the company but also the craftsmanship. Heard such a classy leather interior car brands such as Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Porsche and Audi to the references of the company



Online shop in english version


Online shop with consultation


Anniversary sale 25 years factory sale


Specializing in custom made products


Installation Onlineshop


establishment of the own homepage


Company celebrates 110 years Leder Wolf


Distribution of Michael Schumacher leather collection, leather blouson


Extension to the factory shop 200 m²


Big Sale 100 years anniversary leather wolf.


Foundation of the Leder-Wolf GmbH


After the reunification of contract manufacturing of school bags in East Germany.


Buying a computer-controlled sewing machine.


Largest order in company history of over 4500 BMW with briefcase for the presentation of the "new 7-series."


Production of leather interiors for automobiles such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Audi..


Beginning with the plant sale to the consumer.


Increasing the total area of 1400 m2. Ulrich Wolf joins the company.


The separation into Leder-Wolf GmbH & Co. KG leather and leather goods factory-Wolf wholesale and retail. Peter Wolf joins the company.


First-time participated in the International Leather Goods Fair in Offenbach.


On 26 August was the conversion of the general partnership in the GmbH & Co. KG.


Expansion of floor space of 600 m2 and increased to 35 employees in the leather goods factory.


A production of ironing sessions. For the best clip folder Gerhard Wolf received from the company shoe horn a price.


Relocation of production in a 300 m2 building to Neckarweihingen. It started the production of briefcases and folders College.


The first store remodeling. The sales range has been expanded to include upholstered furniture and mattresses. Every month, a train car was sold with upholstered furniture! Among the customers at the time Vary, Wenz, Baur, Gold Arrow, and Friedman were in Sweden and Elwes in Switzerland.


Start of briefcases manufacture, and manufacture of travel bags and small leather goods.


After the currency reform was converted to the manufacture of suspenders and belts, and hand-stitched soccer balls and pockets cashier. Similarly, awnings and blinds, sewn and assembled. Thus there were now two departments - saddlery and upholstery.


production of U.S. guns bags, gun holsters, binoculars and photo-cases. Manufacture of backpacks.


Move to the Schiller Strasse 8 In the meantime, has been refurbished and padded mattresses and bed frames and leather goods sold.


Moving into the untere Seestraße, opposite Stadtbad Ludwigsburg.


Move to Ludwigsburg in the Seestraße 7 army orders were issued only in Wuerttemberg. In the saddlery harness, paddocks and ammunition pouches were produced for the Wehrmacht. In the affiliated shop were whips, harness, horse products and leather goods on offer as well as paint sticks Koppel and reservists.


Company founded in Dill Weisenstein in Pforzheim


Handcraft, selected materials and experienced.


Your specialist for individual business cases and trading goods.


We manufacture and ship even modicum for attractive prices.


Success tells its story. Manufactoring leather goods since ca. 120 years.